Ms Lauren Newman is our Elementary Guide and Educational Director with over 20 years experience teaching both traditional K-8 and Montessori Elementary Education. Ms Lauren enjoys working outdoors and exposing the children to learning with nature.


  • Bachelors from University Reno Nevada / Photography

  • Masters from University Reno Nevada / Elementary Education

  • AMI Diploma from Bergamo Montessori Institute Italy, Elementary Diploma

Principle Lauren Newman / Principle & Educational Director

Mr. John Newman is our Operations Manager at Casa Montesssori. His years of experience will help to improve the level of operations from  assisting in the expansion process and the daily experience of students and teachers


  • AA Mitchels Community College / Statesville, NC

  • BS University of N Carolina / Business School

  • DeVry University Decature GA / Technology 

Mr John Newman / Operations Manager

Ms. Cindy Buchner is our Primary Lead Teacher and has over six years experience in a Montessori classroom. Ms. Cindy has been both an assistant and admin at Casa Montessori for many years.

With an overwhelming passion for working with children, art and music Ms. Cindy brings a fresh approach to the everyday experience.

  • AA Early Childhood Education

  • CPR First Aid Certified

  • Early Childhood Certification

  • Yoga Instructor

Ms. Cindy Buchner/ Admin.