Lauren graduated from Centro Internazionale Studi Montessoriani in Bergamo, Italy in 2005-06. She got her AMI Montessori degree for 6-12 yr. olds. Lauren received her B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and Speech Communications in 2000 from University of Nevada, Reno (U.N.R.). She continued on to complete her post graduate work there. She graduated with a M.Ed. in Elementary Education (K-8th) in 2004. In her free time, Lauren enjoys hiking, camping, making photobooks and family trips to the beach.

 Lauren Newman / Principle

& Educational Director


For 35 years John worked for medical devise manufacturing. He and his wife, Lauren, became Montessori school owners in 2020. His wife had worked at Casa Montessori for 7 years before they took it over.  John does his work for the school behind the scenes. He upkeeps the grounds, maintains the fencing, makes sure that the building is safe and clean for the children, and pays the bills.

 John Newman / Owner/Financials/Facilities

Albert Estremera / Administrative Assistant